TinyFest Texas: Let’s Get Small

Like, c’mon – how big of a house do you need, after all?

Eric and Lindsay Wood, in front of their (somewhat) tiny home. Go ahead, citizen – come to TinyFest and ask them why they’re so happy.

Find out this weekend during TinyFest at Pioneer Farms, where you can meet the DIYers, Van Lifers, Tiny Dwellers, and even professional builders – all those smart folks who are part of the tiny homes phenomenon. Where, right there onsite, you can tour the homes these folks live in: tiny houses on wheels, backyard cottages, shipping container homes, vans, bus conversions (“skoolies,” they call ’em), and more.

Have you been wondering, O tired-of-the-rat-race citizen, about tiny homes? Wondering about what they’re like? About the joys and challenges involved? Wanting to know if the lifestyle is truly, you know, affordable? And maybe you’ve been thinking, “Hey, how does one even look into acquiring a Tiny Home?”

This Saturday and Sunday at Pioneer Farms – where the six themed historic areas will also be open for walking tours among the Farms’ 90 beautiful, wooded acres – you can get answers to all those questions and more – and you’ll get the info not just from the builders of tiny homes but from the folks who actually live in them. There’ll be talks on Rapidly Deployable Housing Solutions, Building Tiny Homes for Veterans, and Custom Home Designs, and so on in that data-rich manner. And, since this is Austin, there’ll also be live music – from Jen Trogden, Willy 2Strings, and Fort Vine – and a tasty array of food trucks to keep you fueled throughout the day.

TinyFest runs Saturday, Sept. 25, 10am-6pm and Sunday, Sept. 26, 10am-5pm, and tickets ($10-20) are available right here.

[Bonus: The Tiny Home Industry Association will host a pre-festival symposium on Friday, Sept. 24, 1:30-3:30pm – with with local, city, county, and state officials in attendance to discuss the future of movable tiny housing in Texas. You want to get down to the bureaucratic nitty-gritty of this thing, tell you what: Here’s your chance.]

But, first and foremost? Oh, this is gonna be some fun!